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It's been so long since I've posted in lj that I just spent 30 minutes staring at the subject line and coming up with nothing whatsoever remotely clever or apropos to fill it with, and just as I was about to burst into tears at the tragical loss of my lj skills, I remembered, oh, right, I've always sucked at finding anything witty or amusing to stuff in there, this is nothing new. Or even, you know, interesting, but what the hey. I've never been so great at first paragraphs either. Work with me here.

So. Yeah. Back online again. It's been one hell of a year and then some, but things seem to be not quite so...interesting right now, which is a definite improvement, so I'm venturing into the virtual waters once again. Of course, going online again has meant having a nervous peek into my email inbox where I found, not surprisingly, email. Email that's been sitting ignored for months, and oh, the shame. Dudes, if you've sent me a message since April, I will be answering you in the next couple of days. And, also? I'm sorry.

What pulled me back was the lure of SeSa. I was enduring a three-day round of staff meetings last week, trying to focus without any success whatsoever, when it suddenly hit me: SESA! I'd missed the SeSa sign-ups!!! Dude, the woe. The utter woe. It was  weepish and bulky and mind-consuming, so as soon as I got home I logged on only to find that SeSa is no more. Which, OMG, yet more woe. BUT, on the other hand mtyg ! Whoot! I've signed up, of course. And now, of course, I hate myself, but whatev.

Anyhow, if you're still speaking to me, hey! And if you're not, well, hey, anyway.
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