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The good, the bad and the mundane:

  • I've had the last week off, but tomorrow it's back to work, so I am full of woe on that score. WOE. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that no one's volunteered me for anything too heinous in my absence. The bastards. It would also be good if no one else has resigned, but I'm not holding my breath on that one. It's been quitty city for the last few weeks. Like a disease or something. A happy-omg-yay-free! disease. That, sadly, I've managed to avoid catching./li>
  • My driver's license, missing since before Christmas, is still missing. That's going to make it interesting when I try to fly to Dawson Creek at the end of the month. *stabs self with poky stick* I'd go apply for a new one, but I've mislaid my birth certificate, too. *repeats poky stick stabbery*

  • I've spent the past couple of hours futzing about looking for new icons and finding surprisingly few given how much time I've just wasted. Now I need a lollygagging icon to commemorate these moments of staggering non-productivity. Because, you know, I didn't find one of those. I did find this one of Ewan MacGregor staring at a cat, though. Close, right?

  • Substance? Anything of substance to share, you ask? Um. Yeah. No. Except that my aunt, who every day asks me "did I buy a tv already for the new place" and whom I tell every day "uh, no. you said you'd buy one with your friend this week," today told me that she can wait till she moves in and buy one then, this in spite of the fact that she likes to spend EVERY WAKING MOMENT GLUED TO THE BOX which means I'm going to have to devote a Saturday to plodding around a TV store waiting for her to make up her mind which will be NEVER or at least not until I'm ready to beat myself to death with the remote, and that was something I'd so hoped to slough off on her best friend, because, dude, what the hell else are best friends for? My guess is that her best friend grew wise to my devious plot and TURNED THE TABLES ON ME, THE BEYOTCH!

  • I suspect that's the sort of substance you could do without. Sorry. See? This is what happens when I come back to lj. All trivia, all the time. It's like a CURSE. Where the hell are the Winchesters when you need them?

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