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So, yeah. I was sick, and then I wasn't, and then I was, and then I was sick of my sick self, and that is pretty much all I have to say about that.

You'd think I'd have plenty to blether about such a long time of not blethering about anything, wouldn't you? You'd think I'd have been storing it up, going "ooh, now there's a bon mot for lj, mustn't forget that" and "oh, my, wouldn't that be a fabulous topic for an lj poll" and "hey! lj would know the answer to that burning question." Sadly, no. As it turns out, I've been assiduously avoiding thinking at all, with remarkable success. And thus, in lieu of actual content, I bring you this list of random and inconsequential minutiae, which, although possibly not as compelling as a poll on the relative squickiness of death!fic, incest!fic, favourite-pairing-spawns-adorable-offspring!fic and Jay Leno in drag, is vastly more palatable, I'm sure, than the litany of bruisy spottiness I might have treated you to.

  • [community profile] metafandomis hideously addictive. I should never have peeked.
  • My job is not hideously addictive. It is hideously stressful, though, which I suppose has a certain entertainment value. Or would if I were a masochist. Which I appear not to be, given the total lack of "ooh, yay, stress" I have going on.
  • Writing update: MCR challenge story is now so grossly overdue no one will even remember the challenge. (Although, since the challenge didn't actually have a deadline, I guess technically it's not overdue per se. Any excuse, dude.) SPN bigbang story: 2,000 words out of 20,000 written. Go me! Popslash Remix: Shoot me now, please.
  • I need to be soundly shot if I ever express an interest in signing up for another challenge. Leave a comment if you'd like to volunteer.
  • I'm getting bloody sick of the delays between Supernatural episodes.
  • Planning eleven simultaneous public forums in eleven different communities makes me want to bite people. A lot of people. Repeatedly.

*checks brain for late-breaking observations and opinions* Nope, that's all I've got.

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