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Hey ho, just rising from the ashes to let (the very few) people on my fl who are still reading popslash know that I've gathered and archived all of my stories over at the fabulous AO3. You can find them here. I haven't had a chance yet to go through and fix up any formatting glitches, but that will happen eventually. If you happen to notice anything particularly obnoxious, please feel free to let me know. :)

Everything's there except the remix story I wrote in 2005 or thereabouts, which seems to have kamikazed itself into oblivion when my last laptop died. That's not such a bad thing. As I recall, it was pretty much a limp dishrag of a story anyway.

Hope you're all doing splendidly and managing to keep your toes out of whatever kerfuffles are popping up in your fandoms du jour. I'm currently in mourning over our recent federal election. Another four years of fascism with Harper, unfettered this time by a minority government. Truly scary times ahead.

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I can't believe it's Sunday night already. How did that happen? Oh, Friday, how I miss you. And I'm feeling a certain nostalgia for you too, Saturday. Monday, though? Monday, with your whole unattractive early-rising, stumble through the morning ritual, stagger blearily back into the weekday grind thing going on? Yeah, sorry, no love for you.

[ profile] apetslife's recent posts about watching Die Hard movies and Die Hard music videos and reading Die Hard slash made me want to watch all the movies again in one long Die Hardy marathon, but I was too busy doing laundry and other massively exciting Sunday afternoonish things. So, instead I decided to read the story she recc'd, even thought I've never been interested in DH fanfiction, and SCORE! [ profile] dsudis's story Pulling the Thorn sucked me right into the fandom. Happiness.

Before I toddle off to bed, a great big squishy thank you to [ profile] withdiamonds for the Valentine's giftie. You rock.
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Well, I thought I was back, but apparently I wasn't. Hmm. Silly me. I won't make so bold as to claim backness in this post, just in case I accidentally disappear again and have to recant. Think of me as an apparition, possibly fleeting, possibly the word that's the opposite of fleeting which I can't drag out of my weary brain right now.

I haven't been away away this time, just under the weather and then lurky and then very much more under the weather. (What a strange expression that is. I mean, aren't we all under the weather? Wouldn't we have to be jettisoned into space not to be under the weather? Hmm. Jettisoned into space. Has a certain appeal, doesn't it?) At any rate, I'm mostly better now, other than the odd wheezy fit at inopportune moments and a sad tendency to run out of oxygen mid-sentence.

Some belated but mercifully brief spoilery thoughts about last week's SPN angstorama: SPN 4:14 )
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Hello, dear lj folk,

It's been a while. Almost a full year. My how time flies when you're wrestling with real life wackiness and the death throes of your first fannish passion. (By the way, if you're still heavily into popslash, you might want to skip this post. Just because my love affair is over doesn't mean I want to harsh your bliss.)

Popslash was my first fandom. I'd scuttled around the periphery of other fandoms, read some slash (okay, a LOT of slash), joined a couple of mailing lists, that sort of thing. But popslash was the first fandom I'd ever actually participated in, the first time I'd ever experienced in a real, personal way that sense of community and fellowship, the first time I'd felt giddy with the headiness of group squee. Of course, on some level I knew it would end, that people would move on to other fandoms and that I'd probably do the same in time. What I didn't realize, because I hadn't experienced it before, was how sad that would be. All of it. The part where your favourite writers start drifting away; the part where your friends start salting their conversations with seemingly random observations about other fandoms; the part where you read a story that everyone's raving about and you're all "yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, ho de bloody hum" even though you know that a year ago you would have peed yourself with glee over it;  the part where you realize that all those plot bunnies kicking around in your head are going to die slow, sad little bunny deaths because you just don't have the heart to write them anymore, even if they are utterly fabulous, each and every one, and even if the popslash world will clearly be a sadder place without them.

Obviously most people--sane people--get over this hurdle much more quickly than I have. Maybe they realize what's going on and talk about it with their friends and allow themselves to be gently pimped into newer, shinier fandoms. Maybe they whisper their forlorn goodbyes to their cherished pairings, click on the TV and go channel surfing for slash potential. Maybe they have the emotional IQ to anticipate the inevitable conclusion of the fandom ennui they're experiencing and are able to allow themselves a few hand-wringy moments of angst and sorrow before girding their loins for the next go round. Sadly, and maybe because this was my first fandom, it took me a lonnnnng time to accept that it was over (for me) and because I'm a fucktard idiot about these things, I didn't want to talk about it in case I killed it even deader, even though it was clearly about as dead as a dead thing can be. But, dudes, I guess I'm the kind of person who needs more obvious markers for these events. Like a funeral. See, if there'd been a funeral, I could have sobbed my sobby little heart out and moved on instead of wallowing about in my if-I-don't-look-it-isn't-really-happening, la la la I can't hear you, head in the sand sort of way. .

All of which is an INCREDIBLY long-winded way of saying that parting ways with this fandom has been ridiculously difficult and sad, and not participating in the MTYG this year just about broke me, but I think I'm finally over it.  And this brings me to:

Defriending Amnesty: If you came here for the popslash and haven't felt comfortable cutting me loose in spite of the total absence of popslash (or anything else) emanating from this journal over the past year, go for it. Snip, snip. I will totally understand. If you've kept me on your flist on the off chance that I'll be sliding into bandom, again, snip snip. I'm probably not going to go there, tempting though those waters were. If you want to know, before clicky-clicking me into oblivion, what fandom(s) I'm moving into, Supernatural's at the top of the list right now. If my posts bore you silly or you're a bit bemused as to why you friended me in the first place and are kinda sorta wishing you hadn't, go! Be free! Fly away, little lj chum! Maybe we'll meet again in another fandom down the road, and maybe we won't. Either way, no harm, no foul.



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The good, the bad and the mundane:

  • I've had the last week off, but tomorrow it's back to work, so I am full of woe on that score. WOE. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that no one's volunteered me for anything too heinous in my absence. The bastards. It would also be good if no one else has resigned, but I'm not holding my breath on that one. It's been quitty city for the last few weeks. Like a disease or something. A happy-omg-yay-free! disease. That, sadly, I've managed to avoid catching./li>
  • My driver's license, missing since before Christmas, is still missing. That's going to make it interesting when I try to fly to Dawson Creek at the end of the month. *stabs self with poky stick* I'd go apply for a new one, but I've mislaid my birth certificate, too. *repeats poky stick stabbery*

  • I've spent the past couple of hours futzing about looking for new icons and finding surprisingly few given how much time I've just wasted. Now I need a lollygagging icon to commemorate these moments of staggering non-productivity. Because, you know, I didn't find one of those. I did find this one of Ewan MacGregor staring at a cat, though. Close, right?

  • Substance? Anything of substance to share, you ask? Um. Yeah. No. Except that my aunt, who every day asks me "did I buy a tv already for the new place" and whom I tell every day "uh, no. you said you'd buy one with your friend this week," today told me that she can wait till she moves in and buy one then, this in spite of the fact that she likes to spend EVERY WAKING MOMENT GLUED TO THE BOX which means I'm going to have to devote a Saturday to plodding around a TV store waiting for her to make up her mind which will be NEVER or at least not until I'm ready to beat myself to death with the remote, and that was something I'd so hoped to slough off on her best friend, because, dude, what the hell else are best friends for? My guess is that her best friend grew wise to my devious plot and TURNED THE TABLES ON ME, THE BEYOTCH!

  • I suspect that's the sort of substance you could do without. Sorry. See? This is what happens when I come back to lj. All trivia, all the time. It's like a CURSE. Where the hell are the Winchesters when you need them?


Jan. 7th, 2008 08:34 pm
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So, yay with the MTYG reveal! And a great big SMOOCH for [ profile] nopseud for the fabulous And You'll Notice My Smile (Is Like Kool Aid), which was the PERFECT SeSa giftie for me, with Lance and his KILLER SMILE and CHRISSSSS!!! and miscommunication and cluelessness and snark layers and all manner of AWESOMENESS and, oh, yes, did I mention? CHRISSSS!!! And written by nopseud, so if you haven't read it yet, jump on it NOW before it, I don't know, it BLOWS UP from sheer FABULOSITY.

I've managed to read most of the Trickyfish, TrickC and Lambs, but that's about it. I've been horribly caught up with not murdering my aunt lately (quite successfully, so far, knock on wood), but she's finally buggered off to visit a friend for a week and then she'll be moving in to her independent living place, which is too far away too visit on any kind of a daily basis, so FREAKING YAY on that score. Phew. Maybe I'll be able to read some of the other pairings now.

I wrote Midas Touch for [ profile] silveryscrape. When I recieved my assignment, I was all OMG YAY! TrickC! For Mary!! Because, dude, TrickC! My second favourite pairing! And then I paused as sanity took hold and realized, OMG, for Mary! Because I'm, like, kind of in blistering awe of Mary's ability to pack a bazillion layers of meaning into THREE WORDS, which is a skill I clearly lack. *glances upward. um. yes. clearly* PLUS, Mary mentioned in her lj that she had a special fondness for now!fic or future!fic, and I'm so woefully out of the loop these days in terms of canon that I thought I'd have to move into someone else's HEAD (I'm looking at you, [ profile] withdiamonds, because, dude, your encyclopedic grasp of canon is MIND BOGGLING) forthe duration of the writing, which somehow didn't seem feasible, what with the aunt-ing and whatsmasing and all that good stuff. BUT. Then I read more closely, and Mary ALSO said she liked fantastical elements, so yeah. Ugly magic shoes. Of COURSE. What ELSE? The thing almost wrote itself. AHAHAHA.

Big squish to Budge for the beta, but please don't blame her for the typos I noticed just now when I went to the MTYG site to grab the link, because those happened AFTER she gave it back to me. Gah, the humiliation.

Huge thanks also to [ profile] ephemera_pop, [ profile] nopseud, [ profile] phaballa and [ profile] vaudevilles for keeping the popslash SeSa alive and kicking for another year!
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This is my quick and dirty drive by post to say that my secret Santa is freaking awesome! And You'll Notice My Smile (is like  Kool Aid)  has every single one of my favourite TrickyFish ingredients, perfectly assembled into a fabulous, funny, heart-stabbily warm and cuddly cake of a story that I couldn't adore more if I'd waved a wand to conjure  it  into being myself.  I LOVE YOU, SECRET SANTA!!!

Saner feedback  to follow when saner times are upon us again -- probably tomorrow.
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The glee-ish:

  • [personal profile] vaudevilles has written the most FABULOUS TrickyFish story; it's funny and witty and heart-stabby (but in a good way), there's snark out the wazoo and awesome characterization, and you can find it right here. Also? She says it's for ME!!! I am AGOG with glee.
  • [personal profile] rikes has hatted my TrickyFish icon, which makes me all kinds of happy, not to mention festive and seasonal. Well, in all accuracy, it makes Chris and Lance festive and seasonal, not me, but whatever, let's not be pedantic, shall we?
  • Christmas party at work tomorrow, which will be a welcome distraction from, well, you know. Work.
  • SeSa. The story might be making me want to bounce my head off the table, but I do enjoy the hive angst and all the supportive rah, rah, rah-ing.
The woe-ish:

  • SeSa, because in spite of the companionable angsting? ANGST. It's angstifying. And my story? Not getting anywhere fast. I'm writing by inches. Or half-inches.
  • Driver's license? Lost. God, if I've lost it in the hellhole that is my bedroom, I may never see it again.
  • Work. It's pretty work-y right now.
Oh, yes, on the glee squared list:
  • I forgot to mention NaNoWriMo at the end of November.  Last year I signed up and wrote exactly 0 words. This year?


Nov. 20th, 2007 12:36 am
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A little belatedly, I just want to say that I'm THRILLED with my MTYG assignment. THRILLED!!! So thrilled that the thrillingness of it immediately obliterated all traces of the first assignment from my memory so I can't even report on the OMG trauma or lack thereof that it inspired. Well, I could open my email and have another look at it, but, dude, why would I bother when I'm so very otherwise occupied being THRILLED with my second and final assignment?

We'll just see how long that lasts, won't we ...

And if you happen to be my Santa, well:

Dear Santa )
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It's been so long since I've posted in lj that I just spent 30 minutes staring at the subject line and coming up with nothing whatsoever remotely clever or apropos to fill it with, and just as I was about to burst into tears at the tragical loss of my lj skills, I remembered, oh, right, I've always sucked at finding anything witty or amusing to stuff in there, this is nothing new. Or even, you know, interesting, but what the hey. I've never been so great at first paragraphs either. Work with me here.

So. Yeah. Back online again. It's been one hell of a year and then some, but things seem to be not quite so...interesting right now, which is a definite improvement, so I'm venturing into the virtual waters once again. Of course, going online again has meant having a nervous peek into my email inbox where I found, not surprisingly, email. Email that's been sitting ignored for months, and oh, the shame. Dudes, if you've sent me a message since April, I will be answering you in the next couple of days. And, also? I'm sorry.

What pulled me back was the lure of SeSa. I was enduring a three-day round of staff meetings last week, trying to focus without any success whatsoever, when it suddenly hit me: SESA! I'd missed the SeSa sign-ups!!! Dude, the woe. The utter woe. It was  weepish and bulky and mind-consuming, so as soon as I got home I logged on only to find that SeSa is no more. Which, OMG, yet more woe. BUT, on the other hand mtyg ! Whoot! I've signed up, of course. And now, of course, I hate myself, but whatev.

Anyhow, if you're still speaking to me, hey! And if you're not, well, hey, anyway.
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So, yeah. I was sick, and then I wasn't, and then I was, and then I was sick of my sick self, and that is pretty much all I have to say about that.

You'd think I'd have plenty to blether about such a long time of not blethering about anything, wouldn't you? You'd think I'd have been storing it up, going "ooh, now there's a bon mot for lj, mustn't forget that" and "oh, my, wouldn't that be a fabulous topic for an lj poll" and "hey! lj would know the answer to that burning question." Sadly, no. As it turns out, I've been assiduously avoiding thinking at all, with remarkable success. And thus, in lieu of actual content, I bring you this list of random and inconsequential minutiae, which, although possibly not as compelling as a poll on the relative squickiness of death!fic, incest!fic, favourite-pairing-spawns-adorable-offspring!fic and Jay Leno in drag, is vastly more palatable, I'm sure, than the litany of bruisy spottiness I might have treated you to.

  • [community profile] metafandomis hideously addictive. I should never have peeked.
  • My job is not hideously addictive. It is hideously stressful, though, which I suppose has a certain entertainment value. Or would if I were a masochist. Which I appear not to be, given the total lack of "ooh, yay, stress" I have going on.
  • Writing update: MCR challenge story is now so grossly overdue no one will even remember the challenge. (Although, since the challenge didn't actually have a deadline, I guess technically it's not overdue per se. Any excuse, dude.) SPN bigbang story: 2,000 words out of 20,000 written. Go me! Popslash Remix: Shoot me now, please.
  • I need to be soundly shot if I ever express an interest in signing up for another challenge. Leave a comment if you'd like to volunteer.
  • I'm getting bloody sick of the delays between Supernatural episodes.
  • Planning eleven simultaneous public forums in eleven different communities makes me want to bite people. A lot of people. Repeatedly.

*checks brain for late-breaking observations and opinions* Nope, that's all I've got.

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I spent yesterday catching up on all the TrickyFish day stories that I missed, and man, it is so much easier to catch up on the popslash these days thanks to the amazing [ profile] turps33 and her fabulous [ profile] pop_newsletter. Thanks, Terri, and a very happy belated birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day. I believe I also owe [ profile] jewelianna a belated happy birthday -- hope your was splendid, too!

Tomorrow I'm off to Prince George. For work, not pleasure. You'd have a hard time convincing me that any sane person goes to Prince George for pleasure. Armpit doesn't even begin to describe it. The hotel I'm booked into claims to have high speed internet, but I've been duped by those claims before so I won't be holding my breath. Fortunately, it's just an overnighter.

Also, because I need more reasons to want to slap myself silly, I've signed up for Remix. I blame it all on [ profile] withdiamonds.
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I've just spent the last three hours updating my website, for the first time since, um. 2004. Go me. There's no good reason for it to have takend three bloody hours; I've only written a handful of stories since 2004 after all, but OMG, talk about your humbling experiences. I'm so staggeringly BAD at this sort of thing (as will be evident at first glance) that it took me almost a full hour to figure out how to stop underlining everything on the index page. Which, in fact, I didn't even manage to figure out, but somehow the underlining sorted itself just as I was about to give up and delete the whole freaking works.

Anyway, there's nothing new on the site that isn't already buried somewhere on my lj, although the lj link to "Shove" has been dead for at least a year and a half, so it may be new to someone.

That hurt my brain a lot. If you notice any glitches, please keep them to yourself let me know and I'll do my best to ignore you attend to them when hell freezes over forthwith.
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Hello, eljay. Yes, I know it's been a while, but, like, what else is new, and besides, this time I actually have a reasonable excuse in that I have been SICK LIKE A DOG, and a gruesomely sick dog at that. Also, sick like a spotty dog, because it's not bad enough that I couldn't eat a fucking thing for almost two weeks, but just when my stomach finally decided that food was possibly not a mortal enemy after all, my limbs broke out in a measle-ish rash that was pretty much every bit as attractive as it sounds. And then, THEN!!!! My legs started hurting so much I could barely walk, it felt like the soles of my feet were bruised and that every bone in my calves, shins and knees had been filed to sharp points the better to skewer all my muscles and nerves.

It was not fun, oh, no, it was not. Also? My doctor (well, she's not mine, thank god, but she's filling in for my doctor whiles she's on mat leave) is an ass. She suggested on the first visit that perhaps I should avoid tomatoes and spicy food. To which I said, "Well, that shouldn't be a problem, should it, since, as I believe I mentioned, I can't eat a freaking thing without hurling." When I finally dragged my crippled, rash-ridden self back a week later, she was forced to concede that indigestion probably wasn't to blame. Bleh.

Anyway, the rash has almost entirely disappeared now, my legs barely hurt at all, my stomach is behaving quite nicely most days, and the dermatologist she referred me to says the whole shebang was caused by a virus. He says that the rash was actually "the echo of a virus" which has a rather pleasing sound to it for something that sucked so mightily. 

So, how the hell have you been?

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Work is just being extraordinarily worky these days, which in turn is depriving me of skiving off time, which in turn is making me cranky and bitter and no doubt very unpleasant to be around. It's a chain reaction, dude; no good can come of it.

BUT. Some anonymous someone must have sensed how urgently in need I was of cheering up. Whoever you are, anonymous someone, thank you so much for the virtual rose that's now adorning my user info page. *pets rose*


  • Countdown to Supernatural, and omg it's hard not to click my way past all the thoughtful yet intriguing cut tags to the spoilers. Be still, oh clicky finger.

  • [ profile] vaudevilles is single-handedly re-igniting my love of popslash and has DONATED not one but TWO fabuliciously detailed plot bunnies and I kind of love her a LOT right now.

  • Sureshot? Sureshot??? Um. Okay. That would be kind of sad and lame if it weren't hysterically funny. I listened briefly, long enough to hear Chris singing in the background and then my family made me turn it off because they have way less tolerance than I do. WHATEVER. I'm still looking forward to Man Band. You can't stop me.

  • My sister just bought me a copy of The Black Parade. I've only had a chance to listen to it once, and that was at work while fending off a couple of dozen asshattery phone calls, but, man. Much love. Now if only I'd remembered to bring the CD home with me.
And now it's off to catch up on email, catch up on lj, and filll up the wine glass in time for Supernatural.
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Hmmm. I have nothing to say, but I thought I'd post anyway. Just to keep my hand in, you know. Because, like, I'd HATE to forget how or something. I mean, what if I woke up one morning, opened lj and typed in, say, an inventory of my liquor cabinet (sadly empty) or my biscuit tin (also sadly empty) or my brain (ditto). Life would be even sadder than it actually IS, which some days is sadder than others and today maybe not so sad if you're me, perhaps more so if you're you and actually reading this. In which case, my apologies.

In the utter absence of anything of substance to say, I'll share with you my new-ish icon (from [ profile] a_gal_icons). It makes me far happier than it probably should, and I'm not even feeling particularly hostile. Except toward the emptiness of my liquor cabinet and biscuit tin. Definitely feeling a bit stabby about that.
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It's so beautiful outside: sun and snow and ice-crystal-sparkly, and people have even shoveled their sidewalks for a change so I didn't have risk death or severe head trauma when I walked to work this morning, always a plus. The day before yesterday we had 100 km/hour winds. Yesterday snow. Weather, dude. You just never know these days.

And work? Is not sucking like a sucking thing today, yay for that, and I don't even <i>have</i> to work tomorrow except to check email, so double the yay.

Also: new episode of Supernatural tonight!

All in all, I think I'd have to give the day a B+.

A couple of questions for those of you who know these things:

- Other than the TrickyFish day challenge on February 2nd, are there any other popslash challenges on the horizon? The imminent horizon, that is, rather than May or June or, say, January 2025.

- Does anyone on my flist who appreciates the wonder that is MCR know whether or not Gerard Way can cook? My MCR canon is shaky like whoa.

- Why does my lip balm taste so freaking AWFUL???

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So, yesterday my sister pushed a bunch of papers at me and said, "Hey, remember this? You ever going to finish it?" And it turned out to be this story I tried (and failed miserably) to write way, way back in the distant reaches of time when I was lurking around in The Sentinel fandom. I thought the last vestiges of this story had died a cruel death a couple of years ago when my old computer decided it was time to pursue life as a doorstop. No such luck, apparently. It's. Um. Fairly abysmal for the most part. There are a couple of scenes that I'm still quite fond of, but I can see why I threw up my hands in despar. Twenty-one pages and I'd barely made a dent in the plot line.

Interestingly, at least two other people on my fl have made references to The Sentinel today. Coincidence? Or has someone been buggering about with the space-time continuum again?
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I don't usually do the writing-year-in-review meme because I get all tongue-tied and shy and also appalled at the dearth of writing to actually review, and we're already more than a full week into 2007, but what the hey. This ended up being a lot longer than I expected, so I cut to spare you the eye strain should you find such things tedious beyond endurance: 

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The DWNOGA authors have been up for days now, but as usual I'm a tad behind. My story was Like a Big Pizza Pie, written for [ profile] wickedwisdom . It's Choey, which I'd never written before, and an established relationship story, also not in my comfort zone. But that's what I love about this challenge: you never know what you're going to be asked to write, and I find that every time I write a pairing I haven't felt inclined to jump into on my own, I tend to fall in love with it.

Huge thanks to [ profile] rikes , who performed an amazingly speedy last minute beta duty on the first three quarters of the story. (She caught mistakes in the last quarter, too, but I sent it to her too late and didn't read her reply until a few days after I'd submitted. *hangs head in shame*)

I noticed that a lot of people on my friends list posted some fascinating "story behind the story" notes, and I would do the same except that I don't think there actually is a story behind this story and I'd hate to bore you all rigid with a litany of "I sat down to write, and nothing happened, and so I sat some more, and still nothing happened, so I wept for a while, and went back to sitting and not writing, and then I wrote a whole lot in a short period of time." If, however, you have a burning desire to learn more about my writing process than that, feel free to ask. :)

My DWNOGA Story )


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