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I am having a ridiculously hard time posting in lj these days. I think it's sort of a combination of sudden acute shyness and, um. Well, maybe just the shyness thing. Which is pretty silly. It's not like I'm so very shy in real life. Except, you know, in the way that I kind of am. Except when I'm kind of not. Yes. Well.

On the other hand, there's always the possibility that I have a hard time posting because I'm afraid I'll sound like a blethering idiot. Case in point.

Leaping briskly to another topic, on an oh-how-the-world-must-hate-me note, this morning my eye makeup disappeared at almost the exact moment the hair dryer died, which was, sadly, the exact moment that I needed to style my hair. For years and years I've sported a handy dandy wash-and-wear do, because really, who has the time to futz about with blowing and drying and styling and fooling around with all manner of product when three minutes with a towel will do just as nicely? Several months ago, though, my hairdresser talked me into something that she tactfully described requiring "just a little bit more effort." It also, apparently, requires a functional blow dryer if a person doesn't want to arrive at work looking like she's styled her hair with a hockey stick and a weed wacker, but there you go. The sadness is not to be borne.

I console myself by counting the minutes to the seasone finale of Prison Break and Grey's Anatomy. Not that GA is actually a particular favourite, but my sister and daughter are both quite fond of it, so I've been sucked in AGAINST MY WILL!! It's NOT MY FAULT!!


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