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(Very slightly belated) Happy New Year to all of you!

I'm feeling ever so vaguely pouty that I only managed to read ten of the SeSa stories before the great reveal, but on the other hand, hard to feel too unhappy about it because, yay! I still have more than a hundred stories to go.

This was my first year participating in DWNOGA. I'd kind of wanted to do it last year, but I'd only written one story and it had taken me two thousand and seventy billion months to write that one, so I didn't, and I wasn't going to again this year because even if I have gotten a little faster, I still think it's going to take me two thousand and seventy billion months to write a story, but Lily said, "don't be such an idiot, you just write an outline and stick to it" (except without the idiot part), and so I did. It's been way more fun than I'd expected: stressful, yes, but in a good, nice-to-have-so-much-company kind of way. A huge thank you [ profile] apetslife and [ profile] eponymous for making it all possible.

And how very, very cool it is to find out that [ profile] lilysaid was my Secret Santa. Lily was the very first person to send me feedback on my first story, was the second person I ever chatted with on AIM, and is one of my absolute favourite writers in any fandom, so this was just cooler than cool. Even cooler though is that she wrote me find you out, which is six or seven times more wonderful a story than I could have hoped for.

The story I wrote for [ profile] tiggergirl was In Your Dreams which would probably still be a sad, unfinished little mess on my hard drive if [ profile] nonchop hadn't given me a good couple of whaps on the virtual head to jolt me out of my panic, and if [ profile] i_naiad hadn't been there to cheer me on through the last frantic couple of days. Thanks as always to my sister for the beta. Clicky clicky for the story... )


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