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Hello, dear lj folk,

It's been a while. Almost a full year. My how time flies when you're wrestling with real life wackiness and the death throes of your first fannish passion. (By the way, if you're still heavily into popslash, you might want to skip this post. Just because my love affair is over doesn't mean I want to harsh your bliss.)

Popslash was my first fandom. I'd scuttled around the periphery of other fandoms, read some slash (okay, a LOT of slash), joined a couple of mailing lists, that sort of thing. But popslash was the first fandom I'd ever actually participated in, the first time I'd ever experienced in a real, personal way that sense of community and fellowship, the first time I'd felt giddy with the headiness of group squee. Of course, on some level I knew it would end, that people would move on to other fandoms and that I'd probably do the same in time. What I didn't realize, because I hadn't experienced it before, was how sad that would be. All of it. The part where your favourite writers start drifting away; the part where your friends start salting their conversations with seemingly random observations about other fandoms; the part where you read a story that everyone's raving about and you're all "yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, ho de bloody hum" even though you know that a year ago you would have peed yourself with glee over it;  the part where you realize that all those plot bunnies kicking around in your head are going to die slow, sad little bunny deaths because you just don't have the heart to write them anymore, even if they are utterly fabulous, each and every one, and even if the popslash world will clearly be a sadder place without them.

Obviously most people--sane people--get over this hurdle much more quickly than I have. Maybe they realize what's going on and talk about it with their friends and allow themselves to be gently pimped into newer, shinier fandoms. Maybe they whisper their forlorn goodbyes to their cherished pairings, click on the TV and go channel surfing for slash potential. Maybe they have the emotional IQ to anticipate the inevitable conclusion of the fandom ennui they're experiencing and are able to allow themselves a few hand-wringy moments of angst and sorrow before girding their loins for the next go round. Sadly, and maybe because this was my first fandom, it took me a lonnnnng time to accept that it was over (for me) and because I'm a fucktard idiot about these things, I didn't want to talk about it in case I killed it even deader, even though it was clearly about as dead as a dead thing can be. But, dudes, I guess I'm the kind of person who needs more obvious markers for these events. Like a funeral. See, if there'd been a funeral, I could have sobbed my sobby little heart out and moved on instead of wallowing about in my if-I-don't-look-it-isn't-really-happening, la la la I can't hear you, head in the sand sort of way. .

All of which is an INCREDIBLY long-winded way of saying that parting ways with this fandom has been ridiculously difficult and sad, and not participating in the MTYG this year just about broke me, but I think I'm finally over it.  And this brings me to:

Defriending Amnesty: If you came here for the popslash and haven't felt comfortable cutting me loose in spite of the total absence of popslash (or anything else) emanating from this journal over the past year, go for it. Snip, snip. I will totally understand. If you've kept me on your flist on the off chance that I'll be sliding into bandom, again, snip snip. I'm probably not going to go there, tempting though those waters were. If you want to know, before clicky-clicking me into oblivion, what fandom(s) I'm moving into, Supernatural's at the top of the list right now. If my posts bore you silly or you're a bit bemused as to why you friended me in the first place and are kinda sorta wishing you hadn't, go! Be free! Fly away, little lj chum! Maybe we'll meet again in another fandom down the road, and maybe we won't. Either way, no harm, no foul.




Jan. 7th, 2008 08:34 pm
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So, yay with the MTYG reveal! And a great big SMOOCH for [ profile] nopseud for the fabulous And You'll Notice My Smile (Is Like Kool Aid), which was the PERFECT SeSa giftie for me, with Lance and his KILLER SMILE and CHRISSSSS!!! and miscommunication and cluelessness and snark layers and all manner of AWESOMENESS and, oh, yes, did I mention? CHRISSSS!!! And written by nopseud, so if you haven't read it yet, jump on it NOW before it, I don't know, it BLOWS UP from sheer FABULOSITY.

I've managed to read most of the Trickyfish, TrickC and Lambs, but that's about it. I've been horribly caught up with not murdering my aunt lately (quite successfully, so far, knock on wood), but she's finally buggered off to visit a friend for a week and then she'll be moving in to her independent living place, which is too far away too visit on any kind of a daily basis, so FREAKING YAY on that score. Phew. Maybe I'll be able to read some of the other pairings now.

I wrote Midas Touch for [ profile] silveryscrape. When I recieved my assignment, I was all OMG YAY! TrickC! For Mary!! Because, dude, TrickC! My second favourite pairing! And then I paused as sanity took hold and realized, OMG, for Mary! Because I'm, like, kind of in blistering awe of Mary's ability to pack a bazillion layers of meaning into THREE WORDS, which is a skill I clearly lack. *glances upward. um. yes. clearly* PLUS, Mary mentioned in her lj that she had a special fondness for now!fic or future!fic, and I'm so woefully out of the loop these days in terms of canon that I thought I'd have to move into someone else's HEAD (I'm looking at you, [ profile] withdiamonds, because, dude, your encyclopedic grasp of canon is MIND BOGGLING) forthe duration of the writing, which somehow didn't seem feasible, what with the aunt-ing and whatsmasing and all that good stuff. BUT. Then I read more closely, and Mary ALSO said she liked fantastical elements, so yeah. Ugly magic shoes. Of COURSE. What ELSE? The thing almost wrote itself. AHAHAHA.

Big squish to Budge for the beta, but please don't blame her for the typos I noticed just now when I went to the MTYG site to grab the link, because those happened AFTER she gave it back to me. Gah, the humiliation.

Huge thanks also to [ profile] ephemera_pop, [ profile] nopseud, [ profile] phaballa and [ profile] vaudevilles for keeping the popslash SeSa alive and kicking for another year!
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So, I had to wait ALL DAY and a great chunk of the evening to hie myself over to the JuC Swap site for the great unveil, and the anticipation almost KILLED me. But, OMG, imagine my glee when I discovered that my writer was [ profile] withdiamonds ! And after reading it? Yet more glee! Because they're complicated and layered, and this is a JC I haven't seen before, and Justin is that delicious blend of certainty and uncertainty, and JC is a MEAN drunk, yo, and yeah. I'm loving this story. A LOT.

Huge thanks to [ profile] 1107red , [ profile] nazaemon , [ profile] ria and [ profile] rikes for organizing the swap and fuskeez for hosting it and making everything look so darned pretty.

I have no JuC icon, so I am forced to make Justin flip his hair for you.

Edited May 31, 2010 to add my Swap story, Consequences, since the external link no longer works..


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Gratuity, part 2

If you missed part 1, you can find it here.

Gratuity, part 2 )

SeSa Reveal

Jan. 2nd, 2006 04:58 pm
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Happy New Year, dear lj folk!

SeSa reveal! Always so exciting, but always too soon! I was only able to read a couple of dozen stories before the authors were made public, but hopefully now that the holiday insanity has dissipated, I should be able to immerse myself without having to bind and gag my family members and stow them in the closet.

Tonya (are you on lj, Tonya?) wrote "A Wonderful Equation" for me, a Trickyfish story featuring Lance as an algebra teach and Chris as his student, and a side of snark.

I wrote Gratuity for [ profile] athenaps whose request for "hot HAWT sex" almost killed me DED. The story is probably a good fifteen pages longer than it would have been because every time I started panicking about the "hot HAWT" sex, I decided to write more dialogue instead.

Huge thanks to [ profile] i_naiad and budge for the betas. You guys rock! And another huge thanks to [ profile] claire for helping me stalk [ profile] athenaps for story preferences -- I owe you one, dude.

Yay, SeSa!

Gratuity, part 1 )
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(Very slightly belated) Happy New Year to all of you!

I'm feeling ever so vaguely pouty that I only managed to read ten of the SeSa stories before the great reveal, but on the other hand, hard to feel too unhappy about it because, yay! I still have more than a hundred stories to go.

This was my first year participating in DWNOGA. I'd kind of wanted to do it last year, but I'd only written one story and it had taken me two thousand and seventy billion months to write that one, so I didn't, and I wasn't going to again this year because even if I have gotten a little faster, I still think it's going to take me two thousand and seventy billion months to write a story, but Lily said, "don't be such an idiot, you just write an outline and stick to it" (except without the idiot part), and so I did. It's been way more fun than I'd expected: stressful, yes, but in a good, nice-to-have-so-much-company kind of way. A huge thank you [ profile] apetslife and [ profile] eponymous for making it all possible.

And how very, very cool it is to find out that [ profile] lilysaid was my Secret Santa. Lily was the very first person to send me feedback on my first story, was the second person I ever chatted with on AIM, and is one of my absolute favourite writers in any fandom, so this was just cooler than cool. Even cooler though is that she wrote me find you out, which is six or seven times more wonderful a story than I could have hoped for.

The story I wrote for [ profile] tiggergirl was In Your Dreams which would probably still be a sad, unfinished little mess on my hard drive if [ profile] nonchop hadn't given me a good couple of whaps on the virtual head to jolt me out of my panic, and if [ profile] i_naiad hadn't been there to cheer me on through the last frantic couple of days. Thanks as always to my sister for the beta. Clicky clicky for the story... )

new story

Dec. 13th, 2004 05:03 pm
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In the midst of all my sesa despair, I completely forgot to post the story I have written. This is my Happy Hanukkah story for [ profile] nonchop .

Shove )

Many, many thanks to budge (who really needs to get herself a livejournal asap) and [ profile] callsigns for the beta and encouragement. Feedback welcome either by email to or down below.

Edited June 4, 2010 to add story since website is now defunct.
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If you're looking for part 1, you'll find it here.


under[his]pants, part 2 )


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My CD challenge story is written, revised, and winging its virtual way to Lily, and I'm feeling right proud of myself. I've made a deadline! Whoo hoo! Another entry for the book of firsts.

If anybody has the remotest clue why I can't fix the formatting glitches in the CD story and in Under My Skin to save my life, I'd be most grateful for the tip. Sheesh. I've just spent over two hours trying to get first lines not to madly indent themselves off to the left, but have nothing to show for it other than eyes that can barely read the screen anymore.

But I've finished! On time! Huge thank you to [ profile] nonchop for all your help. You rock, dude.

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Yes, I know. Long time no post. I meant to take a couple of days to get caught up on writing and deal with family issues, butlife took an unexpected and rather complicated turn and poof! Untold weeks later, here I am, crawling out of the muck to say hey.

I'm not coming back empty-handed, though. I've just uploaded a new story to my website, and, unlikely as it is, I will actually be able meet the Sunday deadline for my cross-dressing challenge story (a momentous occasion for me, since it's the only writing deadline I've been able to meet to date.

Part of today's story started out as my submission to last year's Shake the Disease challenge, but that started to veer into angst (which doesn't exactly meet the criteria for a happy!fic challenge. I abandoned that story, but borrowed a few threads of the idea to write something for that kind soul who bought me some lj time a while ago (and who is probably wondering why they bothered, at this point), and the result is this -- a story that probably actually would have met the happy!fic criteria. Just one of life's little ironies.

Anyway, this one's for you, lj fairy. Hope you like it.
Under My Skin )
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My appallingly late entry for the Small Change challenge can be found on my brand spanking new, ugly as fuck website:

[Edited to remove link to defunct website - link to story is below]l

It's TrickC, long-ish, and probably closer to P-13 than anything else, although I'm a terrible judge of such things. If you encounter any glitches on the website, please let me know and I will rip the rest of my hair out.

If you prefer to read it on lj, please step inside:

Best Laid Plans )
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Hah! Finally finished! Here it is, my first story in the popslash (or any other) fandom. It's *N Sync, TrickyFish, and maybe, possibly R-ish? Something like that, anyway.

Feedback of all stripes welcome. Leave a comment in my lj or send me a message at solafiamma [at]

Part 3 can be found here

Parts 4 and 5 can be found here

ETA: Part 6 can be found here

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